Boston Haunted Places: Top Haunted Spots in Boston To Visit
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Haunted Places in Boston

Often synonymous with the birth of the United States, Boston is a city so steeped in history that it only makes sense the Tea Party occurred in its harbor. For U.S. citizens, Boston is linked to the beginnings of our country and the seed of the Revolutionary War. It was founded by the Puritans in 1630 and its importance in our country has only increased throughout the centuries. Today Boston is known for its excellent universities and educational research as well as new industries and financial institutions. At the same time, the city has dedicated itself to historical preservation, making it a place where the past and the present have successfully merged.

Haunted Places in Boston

Cutler Majestic Theatre: The ornate Cutler Majestic Theatre was built in the early 1900s. As with many such venues, those who have passed still enjoy attending a show here, including one of Boston’s former mayors. He was said to have died while sitting in the audience and the area is known to have cold chill when the mayor is in the house. There’s also reports of a small child haunting the theatre as well as various spectors who roam the lobby area. Kilachand Hall: Like many universities, Boston U has a ghost or two. Kilachand Hall was built in 1921 and before being turned into a college dorm was a luxury residence for Boston’s elite. It’s on the fourth floor that students report eerie occurrences, such as strange knocking on doors, lights turning on and off and doors closing on their own.

Haunted Boston

Hooper-Lee-Nichols House: The historic Cambridge mansion has had many incarnations in its long life, being a hotel, inn, restaurant and museum. It is also said to be the site of the longest running (paranormal) card game in the country. The sounds of the cards being shuffled and dealt as well as the murmurings of disembodied soldiers have been reported by those visiting the premises at night. The Pilot House: Built in 1839, the Pilot House was an inn where seafaring captains would stay as they awaited their ships’ readiness to sail. Today the building sits in Lewis Wharf and looks as eerie as one might expect. Reports of laughing voices emanate from inside its old walls, with clinking glasses and loud cheering. The apparition of a woman has been reported frequently and she’s usually seen in the kitchen area. Lizzie Borden House: Technically in Fall River, the old Borden home is now a retrofitted Bed and Breakfast, replete with crime scene photographs and an axe. If you don’t know the story of Lizzie Borden it might be because you never jumped rope as a child. In a nutshell, it was thought that Lizzie took an axe to her stepmother and then her father, killing them both and inheriting Mr. Borden’s vast fortune. She was tried but acquitted in a court of law. The noises, cold spots, electrical phenomena, etc have been explored by countless paranormal experts. The opinion seems to be there is something eerie going on inside the house.