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Meet Revel The Devil


An enigma in every sense, Revel the Devil promises to woo and wow every person who attends his tour. Highly experienced in connecting with the supernatural and otherworldly, Revel the Devil is not only devilishly good looking but also a charismatic chanteuse, ready to conjure up some fantastic times on tour. Part of what makes a tour with Revel so special is his quick comedic timing and love for the craft of performance, as well as the passion he has for connecting with people (both alive and deceased). Revel also boasts of being inexplicably linked to the world of spirits, and has many of his own stories to tell that will be sure to chill you to the core. When not leading tours, Revel can often be found speedily biking through Flagstaff on the hunt for live music, a bite to eat, and for any additional proof of the existence of the paranormal. And let it be known, he’ve found the music, he’ve found the food, and he’ve found the haunts.

Want To Know More About Revel The Devil?

Share an unexpected or eerie moment that occurred during one of your downtown Flagstaff haunted history tours, and how did you handle it while still maintaining the spooky atmosphere for your guests?

You never know what will happen on a tour downtown. We saw a line of lights in the sky once around sunset that slowly faded away. I looked on the news for explanation, but we were all left scratching our heads with just some fuzzy phone pictures. Who knows what happened? This ain’t the alien tour but that night it almost was.

What first sparked your interest in Flagstaff's haunted history, and how has your interest for the supernatural and paranormal influenced your work as a tour guide in downtown Flagstaff?

I love Feeling Flagstaff and have lived here longer than anywhere else. I loved learning about the haunted history, but I love telling the stories of Flagstaff’s bygone eras even more.

What sets Freaky Foot Tours experiences apart from other experiences in Northern Arizona?

We are the first, we are the best. The only true baddies.

What are some of the best haunted locations in Flagstaff for paranormal enthusiasts, and what makes them a must-visit for anyone interested in the supernatural?

I work downtown doing drag shows, so I’m often out and about in the early morning hours when the portal wears thin. Ask me about it!

Have you had any personal experiences with the paranormal or supernatural while leading a tour or on your own, and how do you incorporate those experiences into your downtown Flagstaff haunted history tours to create an authentic and immersive experience for your guests?

The paranormal is just that which can’t be explained by science. Lightning used to be paranormal, but we know what that is now. I’ve definitely had things happen I wasn’t able to explain, and who knows if I’ll ever be able to?

Outside of leading tours, what are some of your hobbies and interests that contribute to your knowledge and understanding of downtown Flagstaff's haunted history and paranormal activity?

I really don’t know about other haunted places that aren’t on the tour.

How has Haunted Flagstaff and The Walkup Family Murders influenced your interpretation of Flagstaff's haunted past, and how do you incorporate elements from these books into your tours?

Theres so much in the books that we couldn’t possibly cover it all on the tours, but there was some new info to me in the books. It gave me more options for which interesting tidbits I choose to include on my renditions of the story.

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Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour