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Dreadful Dre grew up on the dusty, tumbleweed ridden streets of the west Texas town of El Paso, but has been rolling down the rocky roads of Flagstaff for nearly two decades now. His gothic western garb has been inspired by the ever present spectral subject matter and deadly details of this forested frontier town. Dre delights in presenting these tales of mystery and the macabre, in a fashion some would describe as: a little bit too knowledgeable. Dre’s knowledge and devotion to the topics of true crime and the occult are truly a thing of beauty, and he feels lucky to share even just an ounce of that with anyone who attends his tours. Listen close and keep both eyes peeled because Dreadful Dre will shed some light on the darker corners of Flagstaff’s haunted history.

Want To Know More About Dreadful Dre?

Share an unexpected or eerie moment that occurred during one of your downtown Flagstaff haunted history tours, and how did you handle it while still maintaining the spooky atmosphere for your guests?

Some of the most chilling stories shared on tour don’t come from the tour guide but from the tour guests themselves! I have never personally had an experience while leading a tour but many attendees have shared personal stories of paranormal experiences, whether that was growing up in haunted houses or unusual things in unexpected places. Enough people have shared their vivid encounters with such certainty that I could never deny there are unexplained realities present all around us.

What first sparked your interest in Flagstaff's haunted history, and how has your interest for the supernatural and paranormal influenced your work as a tour guide in downtown Flagstaff?

I have worked in Downtown Flagstaff for most of the 20 years I have lived here and have always been fascinated by the charm of old buildings and dark alleys. I always wanted to share appreciation for these unique places and presenting the haunting and tragic tales connected to them was more interesting to me than just historic detail. By recounting the more tragic stories attached to these old haunts it gives the town a grittier and more realistic presentation than just the western frontier glory that is often the focal point.

What sets Freaky Foot Tours experiences apart from other experiences in Northern Arizona?

This tour was developed by a local and employs the best local tour guides in Flagstaff! Susan Johnson has a passion for getting all the details of how these stories came to be and all the guides are active performers, occult enthusiasts or both and you can really tell we’re in it for all the killer stories and deadly fun!

What are some of the best haunted locations in Flagstaff for paranormal enthusiasts, and what makes them a must-visit for anyone interested in the supernatural?

Museum Club has great haunting stories attached to it and is also a great place to grab a drink and see a show. Lowell Observatory is one of the best active observatories to see the stars but also has some nifty ghost stories related to its location and legacy.

Have you had any personal experiences with the paranormal or supernatural while leading a tour or on your own, and how do you incorporate those experiences into your downtown Flagstaff haunted history tours to create an authentic and immersive experience for your guests?

I would consider myself an open-minded skeptic of paranormal occurrence: never seen anything to convince me but not wholly convinced there is nothing out there. Have heard enough true stories from people who have had experiences that I believe there has to be paranormal aspects that manifest themselves to different people in different ways.

Outside of leading tours, what are some of your hobbies and interests that contribute to your knowledge and understanding of downtown Flagstaff's haunted history and paranormal activity?

Having spent many hours sipping spirits and sharing stories at downtown bars it feels natural to highlight some of the more notorious nostalgia of how Flagstaff came to be. I often stroll downtown to see live music at the various venues and am actively involved in producing arts and performance events in different places throughout Flagstaff.

How has Haunted Flagstaff and The Walkup Family Murders influenced your interpretation of Flagstaff's haunted past, and how do you incorporate elements from these books into your tours?

The Walkup Family Murders is a thorough true crime story for the ages. Not only does it paint a vivid picture of what Flagstaff was like in the late 1930’s but it also uncovers the nasty details of a mother’s tragic actions and leaves the reader thinking about the implications long after they have finished the book. Haunted Flagstaff is a great collection for any Arizona ghost enthusiast! The stories include many different landmarks in this strange mountain town and is great to revisit for a short spooky reminder or fun to share during spooky season every year!

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