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Haunted Places in Key West

Florida’s southernmost point, Key West is an island paradise known for its ecotourism, lovely beaches, fishing, snorkeling–and of course, a nightlife that parties on until the sun rises. Given the island’s location, its history is rich and varied with Calusa, Spanish, Cuban and British influences. There are numerous walking tours throughout the city that point out historic buildings and homes as well as the local arts scene and restaurants.

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Haunted Places in Key West

African Cemetery at Higgs Beach: In 1860, three illegal slave ships were corraled by the US Navy and sent to Key West. It’s been reported that the people of Key West met the ships and its passengers and worked around the clock to cloth and feed the survivors. Sadly many of the passengers were already dead, others died soon after. There was a mass burial on Higgs Beach before the bodies could be reburied at Fort West Martello. It's thought that ghostly sightings and the eerie phenomena reported on the beach arise from this bhistoric event.

Robert the Doll: First I want to write: thank you, Robert, for the opportunity to let more people know where you can be found. Robert is housed in the Fort East Martello Museum, which was once a Civil War fort. The building itself is said to be haunted by its past and today is operated by the Key West Art & Historical Society. As for Robert, it’s said he does enjoy museum visitors; however, if you go, remember your manners and do not, under any circumstances, presume permission to take Robert’s picture or disparage him to others. Again, thank you Robert–I hope I can visit you myself some day.

Key West Ghost Tours

Civil War Post Cemetery: Over 450 souls were buried in these hallowed grounds, the majority from the Civil War. When the military relocated the graves in 1927 to Fort Barrancas they somehow left a few of the interred behind. These sad spectors are said to haunt the cemetery at night as floating balls of light.

Old Firehouse #3: Built in 1907, Old #3 is one of the oldest firehouses in the state. Today the building houses a museum and it is known throughout Key West as a truly haunted house. There are more than a dozen ghosts in and around the building, including the spirit of Elena, a neighborhood girl, and Bum Farto, a former chief.

Key West Lighthouse: Historic lighthouses almost always have a ghost or two hanging around; Key West lighthouse has about 13. The lighthouse is said to be very active at night, with flickering torches seen and footsteps echoing inside the tower. One of the ghosts is likely that of Barbara Mabrity, who lost most of her family to tragedies associated with the building.

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