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Haunted Places in Fort Worth

Known for its stockyards and rodeos, Fort Worth will surprise out-of-towners with its many art museums and diverse music scene. In fact, this large Texas town is now promoting itself as “The City of Cowboys and Culture.” Even the famous stockyards offer souvenir shopping, a petting zoo and a mechanical bull for those daring enough to give it a try. Steeped in western history, the former army fort was a stop on the Chisholm Trail after the Civil War.

Fort Worth Ghost Tours
Fort Worth Ghost Tours

Haunted Places in Fort Worth

Jett Building: The Jett Building dates back to 1902 when it was the ticket office for the railroad to Dallas. The bedrooms upstairs were for various train employees, but were said to have been used decades later as a brothel. When a candy shop opened upstairs, folks began to report ghostly apparitions darting about. The sound of a ball being bounced against the upstairs wall accompanied by childish laughter is often heard in the evenings.

Stockyards Hotel: Over a century old, this historically renovated hotel has housed the likes of Bonnie and Clyde, in life and reportedly in death. Suite 305 is named after the pair and also has some of the Barrows’ memorabilia. It’s said Bonnie’s reflection has stared back from the mirror inside the suite and footsteps have been reported leading to the door from the hallway. Of course, no earthly being is outside. The TV and radio inside 305 also have minds of their own and have awakened guests at the Three a.m. witching hour.

Fort Worth Ghost Tours

Land Title Building: This stunning red brick sandstone building in downtown Fort Worth was built in 1887 and has had multiple uses throughout the decades. Called “the little red jewel box” by locals, the building has functioned as a bank, law offices, a taver, a restaurant…and the list goes on! It’s been said to be haunted by almost all its inhabitants, and the spirits are the active sort. Pictures fall off walls, footsteps run up and down the original staircase, bottles and glasses fly off tables.

Scott Theatre: With an elegant lobby complete with an Italian chandelier and classic murals adorning the walls, the W.E. Scott Theatre is a lovely venue in downtown Fort Worth. Built in 1966, the Scott–like so many theatres–is full of paranormal phenomena and ghostly spectors. Mr. Scott himself is said to visit from his grave, straightening paintings on the wall and checking on the talent. A young man was said to have committed suicide at the theatre and his spirit has been seen walking across the stage and occasionally laughing.

Miss Molly’s Hotel: Originally a boarding house, this 1910’s bed and breakfast did a stint as a bordello in the ‘40s. At least one female spirit enjoys jumping in bed with unsuspecting couples, causing more than a little mischief! Guests booking today say the room with the bathroom is the most haunted, and have reported smelling perfume wafting through the air and unexplained cold spots and shadows.

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