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Flagstaff’s Walkup Family Murders

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Flagstaff’s Walkup Family Murders: A Shocking 1937 Tragedy (True Crime)




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Author: Susan Johnson

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About Flagstaff’s Walkup Family Murders:

In the summer of 1937, the mountain town of Flagstaff emerged from the Great Depression with an eye toward the future. Few people were better positioned for success than JD Walkup, a handsome young mover and shaker who served as chairman of the board of supervisors and a happily married father of four. The city was alive and bustling, tourism thrived and cultural endeavors blossomed. But JD’s life changed forever one cool summer evening when his wife, Marie, and their children were found dead. The murders shook the town to its core, along with the disturbing knowledge that Marie was the culprit. Join author Susan Johnson as she explores the tragic history of a once-happy Flagstaff family.

Today’s Flagstaff is a modern city, with theatres, schools, parks, and much more. But centuries ago— before the railroad and before the lumber mills—Flagstaff was a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy town. Gun fights, saloons, and horse thieves peppered the streets and some say the ghosts have never left. This tour will contain history but will leave out some of the mature-themed stories from our Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour. We encourage children to dress up for this fun and spooky experience!


True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You…

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour