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Top Chattanooga Ghost Tours: The Ultimate Haunting Experience

In 1839, the small hamlet of Ross’s Landing incorporated as Chattanooga, a city nestled along the winding Tennessee River. While its location on the waterway and train tracks helped it grow in importance, it was really the Civil War that pushed Chattanooga to the forefront. The Battle of Chickamauga was fought nearby and one can make the drive to Lookout Mountain to take in this slice of American history.

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Best Haunted Tours in Chattanooga

Check out Chattanooga's most popular tours.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours

ChattaBOOga Ghost Walk Tour in Chattanooga

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Discover the spooky side of Chattanooga with a ghost-themed walking tour. Meet your guide for a city stroll to hear haunted tales and ghost stories connected to city history. See local landmarks like the Fireman’s Memorial Fountain and Hamilton County Courthouse during the walk. Learn about how fires, floods, disease, and war all made Chattanooga a prime place for ghosts.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Cursed in Chattanooga Haunted Walking Tour

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Indulge in the macabre on this adult's only guided walking tour in Chattanooga. Immerse yourself in tales of dark spirits and terrible tragedies from Chattanooga's history. Hear about demons, monsters, blood-soaked grounds, and a centuries-old curse.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

1.5-Hour Cemetery Ghost Hunt in Chattanooga

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Perfect for those fascinated by the supernatural, this 1.5-hour ghost hunt in Citizens Cemetery uses high-tech equipment to increase the chances of communication with restless spirits. With the help of temperature guns, laser grid lights, and Ovilius X, a paranormal communication device, you’ll search for specters in Chattanooga locations reputed to be haunted. This tour is not suitable for children or those of a sensitive disposition.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Family-Friendly Ghost Tour in Chattanooga

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Discover thrilling ghost stories of Chattanooga on walking tour for the whole family. Visit historic locations which are tied to the Civil War, murders, and other sources of strange hauntings. Explore bizarre and supernatural history as you make your way to May's Urban Mansion and the Aquarium.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Murder & Mayhem Haunted History Walking Tour

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Discover the dark side of Chattanooga's storied past on this 1.5- 2-hour long walking ghost tour. See the city's spookiest haunts alongside a local and professional guide for a tour as haunting as it is historical.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Ghost & Booze Tour of Chattanooga - 21+ Over

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For a boozy twist on the ghost tour, don't miss this ghastly pub hopping adventure to some of Chattanooga's famously haunted pubs and back alley. Get ready for a scare as you set out on the town, and follow your guide around Chattanooga's storied Historic District. Enjoy macabre tales of spirits while sipping pints at local taverns—at your own expense—and even the largest unmarked mass graveyard in town.

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Engulf yourself in the dark history and spooky folklore of Tennessee with the best Chattanooga ghost tours in the city's downtown area. As night falls, the city's historic streets come alive with tales of ghosts, ghouls, and other macabre characters. Designed for the truly adventurous and thrill-seekers at heart, these tours take you on a haunting journey through Chattanooga's past, revealing its ghostly underbelly and ominous characters that have left their mark on the city's history. Mayhem Haunted History takes its patrons on an unforgettable haunted tour, revealing the secrets and supernatural occurrences that have occurred in the city's most iconic locations. Whether you're exploring a haunted graveyard, or hunting for spirits in the eerie shadows of a historic building, these nightly tours will steal your breath away. If you're looking to test your fear factor and curious to experience some chilling spectacles firsthand, these ultimate hunts in Chattanooga are not for the faint-hearted. But, if you dare, step into the world of the unknown and experience the rich and spooky history of one of America's most haunted cities.

Discover a unique blend of history and mystery intertwined with spooky stories as we delve into the realm of the paranormal and the many ghost tours in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga Ghost Tours are a thrilling adventure into the city’s haunted past, offering visitors an exciting exploration of haunted locations, ghost hunts, and intriguing haunted history.

What Makes Chattanooga Ghost Tours The Best?

When it comes to ghost tours in the US, Chattanooga stand out as one of the top ten ghost tours. Infused with paranormal adventures and an experienced tour guide, these tours offer an unsurpassed enchanting journey into Chattanooga.

Exploring the Haunts of Chattanooga

What makes the Chattanooga ghost tour special are the many ghosthaunts involved. Visit the hauntedRead House, one of the most haunted locations in the city, that has spooked both locals and tourists alike with its paranormal legacy.

The Thrill of a Ghost Hunt in Chattanooga, TN

Ever fancied a ghosthunt? Chattanooga, TN is the city for you. In the heart of the city's history resides an intriguing blend of the supernatural and the historical, offering a unique thrill for those in search of spooks and spectres.

The Thrill of a Ghost Hunt in Chattanooga, TN

Embrace the mayhem and mystery of a ghosttour in Chattanooga. Expect to be regaled with chilling tales by your tour guide, traverse the city'shaunted locations, and possibly even snap some ghost photos. It’s not just about walking around, it’s about unveiling the city'shaunted past - a breathtaking experience that will leave you thrilled.

Chattabooga Tours
Chattabooga Tours

How to Choose the Right Ghost Tour?

Choosing the right ghost tour requires considering several factors. From adults-only tours to family-friendly alternatives, from the best tour to a tailored tour of Chattanooga, this guide will help you make the right choice.

The Appeal of Walking Ghost Tours

A walking tour is a popular choice amongst thrill-seekers. It enables you to tread the same cobbled streets where many a ghost has reportedly been spotted, soaking in the eerie atmosphere amplified by the city’shaunted history.

Adults-Only Versus Family-Friendly Chattanooga Tours

Picking a tour depends on the audience. Family-friendly Chattanooga ghost tours offer a blend of spooky and educational elements to keep younger ghost hunters engaged, while adults-only tours, typically moodier and scarier, plunge into deeper tales of the city’s terrifying legacy.

Comparing the Best Ghost Tours in Chattanooga

Comparing the best tours is a good start. Look out for reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor, check out what each tour offers, and look for the one that best aligns with your preferences and tastes.

What are the Highlights of a Ghost Tour in Chattanooga?

From visits to the city's most haunted places to engaging talks on Chattanooga's history, here are some highlights you can expect from your ghosttour in Chattanooga.

Visit Chattanooga's Most Haunted Places

A tour in Chattanooga wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its most haunted locations. Experience the thrill of standing inside the Citizens Cemetery or gazing upon the hauntedRead House, renowned as epicentres of spectral activity within the city.

A Walking Tour Visiting Historic Cemeteries

Among the highlights is the chance to visit hauntingly beautiful cemeteries on your walking tour. Historic cemeteries like Citizens Cemetery are keen stops on many ghost tours, presenting an atmospheric exploration into Chattanooga's history and ghost stories.

How to Prepare for your Tour?

Embarking on a ghost tour requires some preparation. Recommendations include learning ghosthunting tips for beginners, familiarising yourself with essential information before your walking ghost tour, and catching up on spooky stories to read before your Chattanooga Ghost Tour - adding to the eeriness of the experience!

Ghost Hunting Tips for Beginners

If you're new to ghosthunting, start by dabbling in researching tips. A good tour guide will provide you with advice and potentially ghost hunting equipment, but your knowledge will enhance your adventure.

Essential Information Before Your Walking Ghost Tour

Before stepping into the spooky realms, it’s critical to be aware of the essentials: the tour’s duration, the route it covers, any age restrictions, and the items you need to bring along (like comfort shoes for a walking tour).

Spooky Stories: What to Read Before Your Tour

To truly immerse yourself in the experience, delve into the archives and read up on some of Chattanooga's most hair-raising ghost stories. The eerie tales and infamous spectres of the city await your reading pleasure, preparing you for the scariest ghost tours that are about to unfold.

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Chattanooga Ghost Tours

Haunted Chattanooga

Today Chattanooga has reinvented itself (some say “found”) as an outdoor haven for sportspeople of all persuasions. The gently hilly roads that lope through forests and along the river are perfect for mountain biking, running or even a scenic drive. In true form of southern hospitality, the locals are friendly, the food delicious and the weather usually cooperates with an adventure-packed day.

Historic, scenic and brimming over with southern hospitality–Chattanooga is a must-see for anyone travelling through the South.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a haunt in Chattanooga's ghost tour offer?

Chattanooga's ghosttour offers a thrilling experience of the city'shaunted past. On this tour, you will be visiting various haunted places in Chattanooga. It's a friendly tour suitable for everyone. We encourage you to join us and explore the city under a different light.

What can I expect from a ghost hunt?

During a ghosthunt in Chattanooga, you will be provided with ghost hunting equipment like an SLS ghost viewer to make the experience more immersive. You'll get to explore haunted places in Chattanooga and learn about their eerie histories. The real ghost sightings reported by previous participants add the hint of excitement to the hunt.

Can you tell me more about the walking ghost tours?

The walking ghost tour, also known by locals as the Chattanooga Ghost Walk, is an offer ghost tours option that allows you to explore Chattanooga’s haunted past on foot. It usually happens in the evenings, making its way through the historic downtown Chattanooga. It's a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Are there any haunted cemeteries included in the tours?

Yes, some ghost tour includes a visit to one of the most notably hauntedcemeteries in the area. This spine-chilling segment of the tour brings you up-close and personal with Chattanooga’s spooky history.

What does the night tour includes?

The night ghost tour includes a visit to the haunted places like the Read House Hotel and the famous Cherry Street Tavern. The tour is guided by experienced guides who'll share the spine-chilling stories associated with these places.

+ FAQs

What does the walking ghost tour cover?

The walking tour covers several haunted places in Chattanooga including Taziki's, a location known for its spooky atmosphere and numerous ghost sightings reported in the past. You will be given detailed narratives about the locations visited to make the experience more authentic.

What are some of the best haunted places?

Some of the best haunted places include the Read House Hotel, Cherry Street Tavern, and various downtown Chattanooga locations that have been known for numerous real ghost sightings. They all are included in our tour.

Who offers the best tours?

The Chattabooga Ghost Walk offers one of the bestsghost tours. We were the original ghost tour in the city and we are currently ranked as the best by both TripAdvisor and USA Today. We've even wrote the book on local hauntings.

What does a ghost hunt involve?

A ghosthunt offers more than a simple walk. Participants are supplied with top-notch ghost hunting equipment and taken to the spookiest sites in the city. Our expert guides, who are well-versed in Chattanooga’s haunted past, will guide you in your hunt.