Things To Do in Flagstaff

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Things To Do in Flagstaff

Nicknamed the “City of Seven Wonders,” Flagstaff, Arizona boasts incredible natural beauty. It also has an intriguing past with fascinating and engaging history. Flagstaff sits beside Arizona’s largest mountain range, 80 miles away from the Grand Canyon. Proximity to the national park and its own location makes Flagstaff a prime tourism spot.

Flagstaff was home to the Indigenous Ancestral Puebloans and Cohonina. Currently, it is home to the Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai, Kaibab-Paiute, and Hualapai peoples. Visitors can learn about their traditions and cultures at reservations and historical sites.

There are many fun things to do in Flagstaff, Arizona. There are also several things to do in Flagstaff with kids. Flagstaff is a wonderful area that mixes a modern flair with historical architecture. You can have a blast doing things downtown. Or you can get out in nature and visit the many natural wonders and parks around Flagstaff.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into some of the fun things to do in Flagstaff.

Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest is famous for its red rocks and diverse landscapes, which range from desert to marshland. In all, Coconino covers 1.8 million acres of land. The forest offers various outdoor activities. Some features are day hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and horseback trails.

Rock formations found nowhere else in Arizona offer a fun and challenging hike. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can raft down creeks or camp in trees.

Coconino even has something for those who love the underground. The Lava River Cave may be the most famous one in Coconino. The mile-long tube formed from an ancient volcano blast offers an eerie, mystical experience. Pets are not allowed within the cave. Visitors should bring several light sources, as the cave may not have light for over a solid mile or so.

If you’re looking for a big of a “higher” experience, Coconino also contains the San Francisco peaks. These peaks are ancient volcano summits that are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Haunted Tours

Like any good city, Flagstaff boasts its fair share of haunts. Freaky Foot Tours offers three types of haunted guided tours to show visitors the ethereal side of Flagstaff.

Tourists learn about the murderous maintenance man who haunts the Flagstaff Public Library. Or visitors may feel the specter of the Woman in White, who lives in the famed Orpheum Theatre.

There are also children’s haunted tours for an immersive, spooktastic experience.

There are many public guided tours. Visitors can take private tours for a more in-depth and personal experience with the Flagstaff phantoms.

Lowell Observatory

Formed in 1894 by Percival Lowell, the Lowell Observatory contains 127 years of astronomical research. Visitors can peer through high-powered telescopes at long-distant planets and other space bodies.

If you can’t go to space, then looking at it up close is the next best thing. The Lowell Observatory offers several tours to educate visitors about the night sky. Flagstaff’s dark skies offer optimal stargazing opportunities.

Museum of Northern Arizona

Are you a history buff or knowledge nerd? Then, this fact-packed museum is for you! The museum has historical exhibits and showcases Arizona’s diverse flora and fauna.

Much of the museum centers on the rich cultural history of the Native Americans who live on this land. Exhibits range from beautiful paintings to ancient animal tracks. The museum piques the interest of all who visit.

The museum pays special attention to local history and culture. This attention highlights the importance of understanding the past to better define the future.

Grand Canyon Tours

Not sure where to begin when exploring the Grand Canyon? No worries, it’s easy to book a tour with various guide services like Viator. They offer personal small-group canyon tours. But you can also choose from a repertoire of guided experiences such as railroad excursions, sightseeing tours by van, and even a wine tour.

Booking a tour makes sure you get to see all the hallmark places of the natural beauty Flagstaff and its surrounding parks offer.

Downtown Flagstaff

No city is complete without a good downtown, and Flagstaff is no exception. Be sure to check out Downtown Flagstaff’s calendar of events. Activities such as art walks, restaurant discounts, and karaoke night are on queue for fun downtown experiences.

Feeling hungry? Need to pick up a souvenir? Downtown Flagstaff features countless restaurants, bars, and unique locally-owned shops. 

A visit to The Weatherford Hotel means a lot of great restaurants to visit. A stop into the Gopher Hole Pub brings you back in time to a real, renovated speakeasy! Charly’s Pub offers delicious Navajo tacos and Irish coffee for dine-in or to go.

Want something a little sleeker and fancier? Stop into the Zane Grey Bar and Ballroom for refreshing seasonal cocktails. 

Downtown Flagstaff also hosts several film and screen showings in the Orpheum Theater. The theater's exciting nightlife often showcases events like taproom events and trivia nights.

There are a lot of things to do in Flagstaff downtown! 

Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki means “Tall House” in the native Hopi language. And this monument used to be a single multistory Sinagua dwelling. The monument has over 100 rooms and even a ballcourt. The monument is the largest building site for almost 50 miles.

Made of unique sandstone, the building has a distinct red color. For those wanting to learn more about Hopi culture, the Wupatki National Monument is a must-see.

Grand Falls

Standing at an impressive 181 feet, Grand Falls is a not sight to miss! Taller than Niagara Falls, Arizona’s Grand Falls is approximately 30 miles away from Flagstaff.

Grand Falls’ hallmark feature is the“chocolate waterfall” due to its muddy stream. The falls are most plentiful during March and April. At other times, they’re a mere trickle.

The Grand Falls has no major road that leads to it, so visitors must get there via four-wheeler or by hiking.

Mount Elden

With its towering form and impressive size, Mount Elden is a popular hiking destination for hikers of all levels. The mountain itself is an ancient volcano. And its structure is a result of ancient volcanic activity.

The Mount Elden Lookout Trail takes approximately three and a half hours to complete. The trail is very popular, and it’s common to encounter other hikers and even runners along the trail. Best of all, the trail permits dogs! You and your furry best friend can experience all-new sights and sounds together. 

Riordan Mansion

Built in 1904 by the Riordan brothers, the Riordan Mansion is a 13,000-square-foot historical home. The Riordan family was fundamental in Flagstaff’s founding and Northern Arizona’s development. The family was heavily involved in cattle, banking, lumber, and railroads. They also had a large political influence in the area.

Now, the Riordan Mansion State Park preserves the mansion, where it remains virtually unchanged. Renovations around the park and mansion continue to occur. A recent restoration includes special photographic windows within the mansion.

To enter the interior of the house, guests take part in a guided tour and have special access to the West House Museum area.

Orpheum Theater

Are you looking for some late-night live performances? Then, look no further than the historic Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff’s entertainment hub. 

Built on the remains of an old building called “The Majestic,” owner John Weatherford rebranded the theatre as the “Orpheum.” The name comes from ancient Greek mythology of the poet Orpheus attempting to rescue his wife Eurydice from Hades. 

Various entertainment shows occur during the week. And the building’s age lends to its iconic exterior and location.

Rumors say that specters, phantoms, and ghosts haunt the Orpheum Theater. Due to its frightening reputation, it is a popular place for ghost hunters and paranormal investigations.

Mother Road Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a fun local beer company, then look no further than Mother Road Brewing Company. This company is the third-largest independent craft brewery in Arizona. And one of its biggest focuses is giving back to Arizona’s wildlife.

Mother Road boasts four unique beers. The company often offers different fun events throughout the month.

Extreme Adventure Course

Get your thirst for adventure quenched at Flagstaff’s Extreme Adventure Course. This course offers thrill-seekers fun zip lines, obstacle courses, and extreme climbing walls.

Skill levels vary, so the entire family can join in! If you don’t want to complete the entire adventure course, then ziplining only is an option. Ziplining requires no skill but still offers loads of fun.

Arizona Snowbowl

Feeling like you need to get away from the heat of Arizona? Then, head on over to Arizona’s Snowbowl Ski Resort. At over 9,000 feet elevation, the views alone take your breath away. And that's even if the exhilarating outdoor activities won’t.

Several bars and restaurants help create a welcoming community. Stunning mountain vistas greet visitors upon arrival. And snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding only add to the fun.

Flagstaff Arboretum

Get up close and personal with nature at Flagstaff’s Arboretum. Home to 750 unique trees and flowers, the arboretum is a 200-acre patch of land perfect for those craving nature’s touch.

The Arboretum also boasts a butterfly house where visitors can get lost in a world of shimmering wings.

The Arboretum also offers fun activities such as guided groups and private tours. It features watercolor art classes during the weekends. Get back into nature with a visit to Flagstaff’s Arboretum.

Flagstaff Aquaplex

Need a place to cool off and enjoy some indoor water fun? Flagstaff’s Aquaplex offers just that. With slides, water playgrounds, and pools for all ages, the Aquaplex offers a relaxing way to beat the heat and relax.

The Aquaplex also has an attached gym and indoor rock climbing wall if getting wet doesn’t sound like fun.

Monte Vista Lounge

Nightlife couldn’t be more invigorating when the Monte Vista Lounge is on the agenda. The Monte Vista Lounge was the first speakeasy in Arizona. It welcomed all sorts of folk ranging from celebrities to outlaws. Now the Monte Vista welcomes all with open arms and a signature cocktail.

Meteor Crater

This landmark is sure to impress. Created from an ancient meteor that crashed thousands of years ago, the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark spans almost a mile wide. The crater is a unique landmark in the United States, with very few like it. Visitors can observe the site from lower and upper observations decks.

The site also offers fun experiences such as multisensory educational experiences and guided tours.

Pioneer Museum

Get a taste of the frontier life at Flagstaff’s Pioneer Museum. Exhibits that showcase the history and founding of Flagstaff help educate visitors on the significance of the city in Arizona history.

Not only that, but the museum features an old hospital room from the early 20th century. In this room, the museum explains how hospital staff cared for the ill back in the early 1900s through the 1930s.

The museum also features several pieces of old equipment. The Ford Model T and a locomotive caboose offer guests a hands-on historical experience.

Brandy’s Restaurant and Bakery

Top-rated among visitors and locals, Brandy’s Restaurant and Bakery gives you bang for your buck. Their hearty portions and reasonable prices will leave you happy and full. Brandy’s serves food such as delicious breakfast platters to all-American sandwiches and their famous chili.

Brandy’s also serves light day drinks such as mimosas and bellinis to satisfy that early-morning craving. 

The Geekery

Looking for a way to satisfy your board game craving or role-playing fix? Look no further than The Geekery. Located in the Green Tree Mini-Mall, The Geekery is the place where, as the name suggests, geeks hang out.

From Dungeons and Dragons to Monopoly, The Geekery is a space to let your inner gamer come out. The cozy atmosphere makes it ideal for inclement weather, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new friend?

The attractions and activities listed above only scratch the surface of the fun that awaits in Flagstaff. There are so many unlisted gems and journeys, so don’t just read about them. Experience them!

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Flagstaff AZ, and visitors like you are sure to find something to appeal to everyone’s interests. 

Whether it be summiting a mountain, delving into caves, or enjoying a lovely brunch or shopping spree, Flagstaff offers a plethora of activities for everyone to enjoy.