The Parlor Saloon

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The Parlor Saloon

  For over 30 years, Crystal Magic has catered to Flagstaff’s need for tarot cards, candles, aromatic oils, and of course crystals. Located across Route 66 from the train station, this eclectic shop is in one of the oldest buildings in town. Before its present incarnation, it served as a saloon, pool hall, and restaurant. There was a large, all-purpose room upstairs that was frequently rented out for community dances and meetings. The building has been renovated well beyond its 1883 appearance, but the structure is considered original to that date. Back then it was the Parlor Saloon, and it was one of the first commercial buildings on Railroad Avenue in New Town. Owner Jim Vail rebuilt the saloon using brick and stone after the great fire of 1888 decimated the original wooden structure.  

Whether it’s the building’s longevity or the people associated with it, today’s Crystal Magic has a reputation for being haunted. I’ve heard from reliable sources that the store’s employees played a major role in bringing TV’s Dead Files to Flagstaff. So, what could be going on inside this strangely elegant corner building? According to people who have worked there, a malevolent being resides downstairs in the basement. It’s generally accepted as being a male entity and one that doesn’t care for humans invading his domain. One woman described him as being a “dirty, old miner…he gives me the creeps.” There’s another male entity who traverses the building and can be found upstairs in the book loft. This spirit has been described as more angry and violent than the miner. Neither is adverse to staring down employees and/or customers with an evil eye energy.

I’ve also heard from locals that there are several female spirits who live inside the old building. Their spirits are gentler but at least one has an aura of fear about her. Decades ago there were rumors that a young girl was stabbed to death and buried in the basement. I’ve never found a specific murder tied to the building, but the Parlor Saloon was right in the middle of town–and Flagstaff was a rowdy place back then. It’s not surprising that TV’s Dead Files’ psychic Amy Allan sensed several malevolent spirits hiding out in the building.