Explore the Spooky Side of Flagstaff with Freaky Foot Tours

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Explore the Spooky Side of Flagstaff with Freaky Foot Tours

If you’re looking for something spooky to do in Flagstaff, look no further than Freaky Foot Tours! Our tours are led by local actors and creatives who are passionate about Flagstaff’s haunted past. They sure know just how to make our tours both informative and entertaining.

We start our tours in downtown Flagstaff, where we’ll take you through the streets and alleys that are home to some of the town’s spookiest tales. We’ll share stories of ghostly sightings, haunted buildings, and unsolved murders that will give you goosebumps.

One of the stories we love to tell on our tours is the tale of the Walkup Murders. If you’re not familiar with the story, let us fill you in. Back in the 1930s, a local family was brutally murdered in their posh home on Leroux Street. To this day, the murders remain unsolved, and the case has become one of the most famous unsolved murders in Arizona history.

But that’s not the only spooky story we have to share. We’ve got plenty of other tales that are sure to send a chill down your spine. Like the story of the haunted Hotel Monte Vista, which is said to be home to a number of restless spirits. Some guests have reported hearing strange noises in the middle of the night, while others have seen ghostly apparitions in their rooms.

Another popular story is the tale of the Flagstaff “soiled doves,” a group of women who worked in the town’s brothels back in the Wild West days. Legend has it that some of these women still haunt the old brothels, looking for customers who will never come.

Of course, we’ve also got plenty of lesser-known stories to share. Like the tale of the ghost who haunts the basement of the Orpheum Theater, or the legend of the “Lurker,” a mysterious creature that’s said to roam the streets of downtown Flagstaff at night.

But our tours aren’t just about the spooky stories. We’ll also share plenty of interesting facts about Flagstaff’s history that you might not have known. Like the fact that the town was originally settled by sheepherders and ranchers back in the mid-1800s before the railroad came through in 1892 and brought with it a wave of new residents.

And if you’re worried about getting lost on the tour, don’t be! Our guides are experts in Flagstaff’s layout, and they’ll make sure you don’t miss a single spooky story or interesting fact.

So if you’re looking for a fun and spooky way to spend an evening in Flagstaff, come join us on a Freaky Foot Tour. We promise you won’t be disappointed – and who knows, you might even have your own ghostly encounter while you’re here!

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