The 13 Most Haunted Hotels in Arizona

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The 13 Most Haunted Hotels in Arizona

If you’re seeking a spooky hotel to explore or spend the night in, there are plenty to choose from! Arizona is home to some of the most haunted lodgings in the country, and these are thirteen of the creepiest.

1. Jerome Grand Hotel

This magnificent building is a sprawling example of early 1900s architecture. And while it now offers an array of inviting suites to holidaymakers and travelers, it was originally the United Verde Hospital. Hospitals are often the source of many a morbid tale and the Jerome Grand Hotel is no different…

According to some, the sounds of grievously ill patients can still be heard, echoing throughout the corridors. Spectral nurses continue to do their rounds, while the ghost of a maintenance worker crushed by an elevator in 1935 continues to haunt basements and stairways throughout the hotel.

2. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

If you’re looking for things to do in Flagstaff, you can’t go past Hotel Monte Vista. There must be something about this hotel… because it’s full to the brim with guests… both living and long dead.

Stories of a screaming baby in the basement, murdered prostitutes and the specter of a bellboy delivering room service are just a few of the other-worldly residents of Hotel Monte Vista. What’s more, it was actually John Wayne who had a brush with the rather industrious bellboy! If Duke was spooked, we’re not sure how we’d handle a stay in this hotel…

4. Gadsden Hotel, Douglas

Gadsen Hotel in Douglas first opened its doors all the way back in 1907. Since then, it’s hosted a plethora of guests… some of whom simply never left. A number of spirits are said to traipse the glamorous halls, long after they died.

Room 333 is said to be particularly active, with lights turning on and off, a self-rocking chair, and many other paranormal happenings. Perhaps it’s a poltergeist or just a pesky guest who never left.

4. Weatherford Hotel, Flagstaff

Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff is a staple on any list of haunted hotels in Arizona. This wonderful building dominates a street corner and has done so for many years.

There’s one room which sends a shiver down the spine of those who know… room 55. Legend has it that a scorned woman hung herself in this room after her husband left. Cold spots and flashing lights are commonplace in this particular suite, along with many other strange happenings…

5. Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee

The popular Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee is a sight to behold and is a popular haunt for visitors all year round. However, the guest list at this magnificent hotel goes beyond the living.

Julia Lowell was a prostitute who made her living in room 315 of the Copper Queen Hotel, back in the early 1900s. After the man she loved turned her down, Julia committed suicide. Subsequently, her spirit remained in room 315 and, even today, it appears most commonly to male guests. Some say she dances, whispers sweet nothings and throws them a smile. Other resident spirits at the Copper Queen Hotel include a cigar-smoking gentleman, a young boy, and a former employee.

6. Hotel Vendome, Prescott

When it comes to haunted hotels in Arizona, the Hotel Vendome simply must be on every list. In this boutique establishment, a spectral cat is the resident ghoul.

Legend has it that a man abandoned his wife and their pet cat back in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the woman and her beloved pet both starved to death. Nowadays, the kitty and its owner may be seen stalking the halls, perhaps searching for the man that abandoned them, so they can finally take their revenge… at least, that sounds like the kind of thing a cat might do!

7. Hassayampa Inn, Prescott

In what appears to be a common theme with haunted hotels, the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott is home to another spurned lover.

After her brand-new husband left for cigarettes and hadn’t returned after a few days, a woman named Faith hanged herself in the bell tower. These days, the occasional lucky guest spots Faith levitating down the corridors, as well as in her former room. They all say that her ghost is followed by the curious scent of lilac.

8. El Tovar Hotel

The El Tovar Hotel was built in 1905 and sits on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It has a rich history and has seen all sorts of travelers pass through its doors, thanks to its sensational location.

Many of these guests over the years have claimed to have seen the ghastly figure of Mr. Fred Harvey, the former owner of the hotel. Allegedly, he stalks the hallways and grounds of the hotel… clearly, he still takes his job very seriously!

9. Connor Hotel of Jerome

By now, it’s quite clear that there are a number of spooky, haunted hotels in Arizona… and the Connor Hotel in Jerome is yet another creepy example. According to past guests, there are three rooms that host restless spirits: rooms one, two and four.  

Over the years, these rooms have been subject to all sorts of happenings, including disembodied voices, ghostly footsteps, items moving around, and lights flicking on and off of their own volition.

10. Ghost City Inn

Ghost City Inn is yet another haunted hotel in Jerome and has well and truly earned its name. The Inn is a rather charming structure, but comes with many stories of apparitions and restless spirits.

Guests have reported all kinds of paranormal activity while staying at Ghost City Inn, including ghosts appearing throughout the hotel, as well as doors slamming shut for seemingly no reason.

11. Bisbee Grand Hotel

Bisbee Grand Hotel is another establishment that opened at the beginning of the 20th century and thus, has a rich history. And that history includes guests who aren’t exactly living…

The hotel is said to be home to more than one restless spirit. These apparitions seem to prefer their own company though, and have only appeared to a few lucky (or unlucky) guests over the years.

12. The Historic Hotel Congress

The Hotel Congress in Tucson is home to a number of ghostly residents and has been the location of many paranormal encounters since opening back in 1919. There are regular appearances from a number of ghosts, including a woman who smells of roses.

This hotel was also the location of John Dillinger’s gang arrest, although none of these infamous outlaws stayed on in spirit. That’s understandable, as they didn’t exactly have the nicest of stays!

13. Hotel San Carlos

The final guesthouse on our list of haunted hotels in Arizona is the Hotel San Carlos, located in Phoenix. The resident ghost is that of a woman named Leone Jensen, who leaped from the roof of the hotel just after it opened.

Since then, Leone’s ghost has been responsible for unexplained noises, chilling screams, and creepy cries deep in the night. Some even say that her ghost still falls from the roof each night.

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