More Hauntings from the Season

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More Hauntings from the Season

In a previous blog, I wrote about new hauntings that guests reported on inside the Weatherford Hotel and the Monte V. Here’s a few more ghost stories that came to light this year:

A young man approached us at an outside event and asked if we knew about the apartments at N. Park St. and Aspen. I didn’t (literally; I didn’t even know that there were apartments there) but my cohort was aware of them. Apparently at least one has the reputation of being haunted and it had been very active of late. When asked for details, the man replied an energy had been felt and seen in the bedrooms and strange electrical disturbances were occurring.

Several people came forward with stories about the Orpheum that I hadn’t heard. Two dealt with sightings of full-body apparitions in the balcony area, which disappeared within seconds of being spotted. Another person swore somebody or something followed them across the downstairs auditorium, but when she turned around, nothing was there.

Weird EVP’s have been captured on the porch of the old Milligan House. I participated in one session myself and we did get some jumbled words. Other investigators were able to record almost 10 minutes of conversation with a woman they believe is Mildred. This is exciting! I’d like to become more proficient at using the tools of the paranormal trade.

There have been quite a few reports of the paranormal in establishments south of the tracks. Blog readers will know this area was Flagstaff’s notorious red district in the late 1800s/early twentieth century. Accounts differ but I’ve read that there were 11 fully licensed and taxed houses of ill-repute as well as numerous gambling halls and saloons. At any rate, there was plenty of sex, booze and rocketing gun fire found inside the buildings and out on the streets. Several people told stories of haunted houses adjacent to South San Francisco and South Beaver, where spirits have been seen and are creating havoc. We’ve been invited to do an investigation of one house so I’ll wait to blog on that until after we’ve seen what’s there. Employees of several trendy bars also came forward with stories of shadow figures seen on the grounds, glasses moving on their own, items disappearing from tables and the feeling of an ominous presence. Freaky!

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