Do You Know Flagstaff?

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Do You Know Flagstaff?

Ghost stories and tales about the undead, including our own! Join us for a walk that leads you through downtown Flagstaff and explore the history, hauntings, and legends of our downtown.

Once upon a time in the mid-1800s Flagstaff was home to a few sheep herders and ranchers who settled the land. That all changed when the railroad came through in 1892. The vices of the West drew many colorful characters known to wander the town, looking for a gun fight or a game of poker to pass their time. Fast forward to today.

While the rusty old saloons have been replaced by sports bars and clubs, the spirits of the old-timers are still here! Hear true ghost stories surrounding the haunted Hotel Monte Vista, the center of action in the 1930s and 40s. Hear tales of gambling, drinking and the ladies of the evening, Flagstaff’s soiled doves.

Book your tour now and take a walk through history–the good, the bad and the truly freaky!