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Best of Flag: Freaky Foot Tours Named Flagstaff's Top Guided Tour Company

Flagstaff, Arizona, a gem nestled in the heart of the Southwest, is a city steeped in rich history and bustling with vibrant culture. It harbors a lesser-known, mysterious side that beckons to be revealed. Seeking the best way to unearth the hidden secrets of Flagstaff? Look no further. Welcome to Freaky Foot Tours, where we promise you an extraordinary journey through the best of Flagstaff's enchanting allure!

Ready to dive into the quintessence of Flagstaff, Arizona? Indulge in the finest wines, unearth treasures in quaint local shops, and embrace the city's diverse offerings. Freaky Foot Tours isn't just about ghostly tales; we're your gateway to the multifaceted and dynamic spirit of this incredible city. Embark with us on an expedition through the soul of Flagstaff, discovering prime destinations for wine aficionados, music lovers, and culinary explorers. Whether you're a seasoned resident or embarking on your maiden visit, Flagstaff continually unveils fresh wonders to every explorer.

Unearthing Flagstaff's Haunted History

Discover the Darker Side of Flagstaff with Freaky Foot Tours! Join us on the premier walking tour of historic downtown Flagstaff, where we'll take you to all the haunts worth exploring. Locally owned and operated, Freaky Foot Tours has been leading foot tours in Northern Arizona since 2015. What began as seasonal Halloween adventures with small groups has now evolved into year-round tours, offered several times a week for seven months of the year, including full bus loads of eager explorers!

Our guides are not your typical historians; they are home-grown performers who relish in embracing the quirky and eerie aspects of Flagstaff's history. They can't wait to walk you through the darker side of our town, revealing stories and secrets that few have heard.

We're proud to be recognized as the Best of Flag 2023 for Guided Tour Company and featured on 'The Dead Files.' At Freaky Foot Tours, we offer a unique and immersive experience that delves deep into the lore and mysteries of Northern Arizona. Join us for a tour and uncover the eerie and hidden side of Flagstaff that most never get to see. Turn your visit into an exploration of the spectral and historic with Freaky Foot Tours, where every legend and ghostly tale is just a step away.

Freaky Foot Tours was born out of Susan Johnson's deep curiosity about Flagstaff's beginnings in the late 1800s. Despite the demands of work and raising a family, Susan dedicated her free time to support the local historical society, attending lectures, tours, and festivals. She dove into research at the local library, uncovering stories of the town's founding figures. As the years passed, Susan's fascination with Flagstaff's eerie and mysterious side grew. She realized that many people she met weren't aware of these captivating stories, and that's when she decided to start the tour.

We're on a journey to become the top haunted history tour in Flagstaff, with exciting plans for the future. Flagstaff's history is wild, freaky, rich, and creative, and it's here to stay. So why wait? Call us now and venture downtown for a glimpse into Flagstaff's eerie past!

Recognized as the Best of Flag 2023

In 2023, Freaky Foot Tours was honored to be recognized as the best in the Guided Tour Company category by the Arizona Daily Sun. This annual contest, which has been a Flagstaff tradition since 2001, allows businesses and services to shine. The winners are typically announced in December through a printed magazine publication and online updates. We take immense pride in being named the best of Flagstaff.

The "Best of Flag" contest covers a wide range of categories, including restaurants, bars, activities, services, and more. It's a true celebration of the diverse offerings in Flagstaff. Winning in our category is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing you with the best tour experience possible.

Flagstaff's Finest: Unveiling the 2023 "Best of Flag" Winners

The curtains have drawn, the ballots counted, and Flagstaff's reigning champions have emerged victorious in the city's beloved "Best of Flag" 2023 awards. This year's competition showcased a vibrant tapestry of local heroes, from culinary newcomers blazing a trail to established favorites reaffirming their dominance.

For the seventh consecutive year, Avail Tattoo Studio proved their artistry is skin-deep, etching their name onto the "Best Tattoo Parlor" throne once again. Their needlework has become a canvas for Flagstaff's stories, and their unwavering passion for the craft shines through every intricate line.

On the culinary battlefield, Brown Bag Burger emerged a double victor, conquering both the "Best Burger" and "Best New Restaurant" crowns. Their juicy patties, bursting with flavor and stacked with innovative toppings, have left taste buds singing and bellies satisfied. Whether it's their signature "Brown Bomber" or a creative special, Brown Bag Burger is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

For those seeking a lively libation and infectious camaraderie, Sportsman's Bar and Grill claimed the coveted trifecta of "Best Dive Bar," "Best Happy Hour," and "Best Sports Bar Food." Their worn-in charm, overflowing drinks, and hearty eats create a haven for fans and friends, transforming every game night into a celebration.

And for those seeking a touch of timeless elegance, Little America Hotel extended its winning streak to a remarkable 14 years, retaining the title of "Best Hotel." Their commitment to impeccable service, luxurious accommodations, and breathtaking views have made them a Flagstaff cornerstone, welcoming guests with open arms and unwavering hospitality.

These are just a few brushstrokes painting the vibrant masterpiece of the 2023 "Best of Flag" winners. Each category, from the best coffee shop to the friendliest florist, celebrates the heart and soul of Flagstaff, a city teeming with talent, passion, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Stay tuned for the full list of winners, and raise a glass to those who make Flagstaff the unique and remarkable community it is.

The Flagstaff Experience

Flagstaff is a city with a rich and creative history that dates back to the late 1800s. It's a place where stories have lingered through time, waiting to be uncovered. Susan Johnson, the founder of Freaky Foot Tours, has a deep-rooted curiosity about Flagstaff's beginnings. She has dedicated herself to preserving the captivating stories of Flagstaff's past. Our tours are a way to ensure that these stories don't fade into obscurity.

Join the Freaky Foot Adventure

Freaky Foot Tours warmly invites you on an enthralling expedition through Flagstaff's spectral history. Whether you're an aficionado of historical lore, a seeker of paranormal thrills, or simply in pursuit of an engaging and unique experience, our tours offer a special glimpse into the heart of Flagstaff. Being named the best of Flagstaff in 2023 stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering tours that deeply explore the essence of Flagstaff.

Seize the opportunity to experience the best of Flagstaff with the award-winning Freaky Foot Tours. Reach out to us and embark on an exploration through Flagstaff’s storied and ghostly core. Our tours encompass a diverse range of themes, from adventurous outdoor excursions to the unveiling of ghostly tales and local folklore. With Freaky Foot Tours, a memorable adventure is a guarantee.

Embrace Flagstaff's untamed, opulent, and inventive past, a narrative that continues to thrive. With Freaky Foot Tours, you're set for an unparalleled journey. Delve into the haunted and historic chapters of Flagstaff's story with us. Reserve your spot today and become an integral part of what makes Flagstaff extraordinary.

Flagstaff's unique allure and varied attractions have secured its place as a beloved destination. Whether it's relishing a cozy brunch at a charming local bakery or getting swept up in the excitement of live music venues at night, Flagstaff caters to every inclination and taste. As you wander through this vibrant town, the best of Flagstaff unfolds around every corner — from the friendly waitstaff at your preferred dining spot to the distinctive treasures in local stores. Flagstaff is the perfect destination for solo explorers, families in search of adventure, or couples desiring a romantic retreat. Join us at Freaky Foot Tours to immerse yourself in the marvels of this remarkable town, where each night sparkles with music, each meal is a culinary joy, and every day brings a new adventure.

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