5 Haunted Arizona Hotels To Visit

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5 Haunted Arizona Hotels To Visit

These 5 Haunted Arizona Hotels Will Leave You Wanting to Extend Your Stay

Many who find themselves vacationing to Arizona most likely come for the lovely weather and the promise of getting a tan. And those who have navigated to the Grand Canyon state may also be in search of Arizona’s “Four C’s,” an amalgamation of the Arizona’s top earning industries, cotton, climate, citrus, and copper. However, visiting some of the mainstay hotels all around Arizona, you may just want to add another “C” to that list. Enter, “Cursed” motels, lodges, and B&B’s. Most folks interested in the paranormal, coming to Arizona seem to know about at least one, whether it be the iconic Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff or The Copper Queen in Bisbee. And if you’re wanting to stay in one of the dreadful dormitories, we’ve got a list of the top 5 most haunted hotels in Arizona, so we can narrow down your choices. Although, the most important question is: are you brave enough to weather them all?

The Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

Built in 1927, the “Monte V” as dubbed by locals, has had plenty of time in its life to allow for some visitors who have overstayed their welcome. This hotel boasts stories of rooms where a young man knocks on your door late at night claiming to be offering room service, as well as a room where two courtesans of the night were murdered and don’t take too kindly to single male guests. Many terrible tales lurk within the walls and halls of this Flagstaff cultural staple, and most of the ghouls and ghosts are known to be quite communicative with hotel guests and staff. So what are you waiting for? Fear(a good time) awaits!

Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix

Temporary home to many ultra-famous celebrities such as Clark Gable, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe, the Hotel San Carlos’ haunted history has nearly been overshadowed by the allure of Hollywood narratives. However, the ever constant and pervasive hauntings have kept this place on the map in the eyes of fans of the paranormal and even experts within the field. A stay here may imply seeing children sitting alone crying on your bed and encountering those same children running and laughing within the halls and down into the basement. And if this doesn’t steer your freaky self right into the doors of the San Carlos, maybe the story of a local journalist who jumped from the 7 story building to her death, just might. Leone Jensen was her name and she likes to frequent guests’ rooms, stand at the foot of the bed in a flowing white gown, and then disappear into a mist. Now, that would get a 5/5 star Yelp review! 

The Copper Queen, Bisbee

Considered to be Arizona’s longest continuously operated hotel, The Copper Queen constructed from 1898 to 1902 is also home to some devilishly delightful demons and apparitions. Featured on Discovery Channel’s Ghost Adventures, the Copper Queen draws in visitors from around the world. The Copper Queen boasts an impressive 16 ghosts that roam the halls of this building. Most fabled and talked about is the spirit of a woman in her 30’s named Julia Lowell, a sex worker, who allegedly ran a sort of ring for herself and her clients out of the Copper Queen. Lore says that Julia fell madly in love with one of her clients, who later on didn’t reciprocate these sentiments, ultimately leading to her suicide. Guests and workers at the hotel alike say they see Julia wafting around the building laughing, crying, and even provocatively dancing at the foot of the stairs. This being said, Bisbee is an ever growing town that has many unique quirks and would be a lovely place to visit even if you didn’t get a private dance from Julia.

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome

Jerome’s reputation as one of the most haunted places in Arizona is not misplaced. This marvelous marquis for macabre history has been written of time and time again as being a ghost town, for ghost lovers. However, much of this acclaim is due to one specific location that lies within this quiet little town. The Jerome Grand Hotel began its life as the United Verde Hospital in 1927, and housed many injured miners from the surrounding hillside copper caves, who had suffered horrifying and gruesome injuries. Many of whom, passed away within the hospital. The hospital was condemned in 1950 and the Jerome Grand rose in its place, and stands above the dusty streets of Jerome. In its life as a hotel, the same spirits of those injured miners or even the ghosts of people brought to the hospital to cure their mental ailments, still lurk around and make sure that guests understand who runs the place.

The Hotel Weatherford, Flagstaff

Built in 1897 by Texan businessman John Weatherford stood as one of the top luxury hotels in all of Arizona, and is still known for many of its amenities. Although, strip away the amenities and accommodations and you’ll find another reason why this hotel is one of Flagstaff’s top visited places. With stories of a murdered couple on their honeymoon with mysterious underlying circumstances, a woman in white who waltzes around the ballroom and likes expensive liquor, and an ice machine that spits out ice at female employees, this hotel has a myriad of reasons to stay awhile. The staff also loves to tell stories about the things that go bump in the night there at the Weatherford, so if you decide that this is the place for you, get ready to hear an earful.

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