12 Best Books On Arizona Ghost Stories

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12 Best Books On Arizona Ghost Stories

The state of Arizona is full of spooky stories and haunted locales. As a result, many exceptional books have been published on the subject.  

If you’re looking for an entertaining read about haunted Arizona, we’ve got twelve wonderful recommendations for you.

Haunted Arizona: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State 

(Charles A Stansfield Jr.)

Our first recommendation covers ghost stories throughout Arizona, the Grand Canyon State. This entertaining novel covers hauntings throughout the urban areas of Phoenix and Tucson, UFO sightings, the spirits of Tombstone and much more. 

Flagstaff’s Walkup Family Murders: A Shocking 1937 Tragedy

(Susan Johnson)

There are few tales more shocking in the history of Arizona than the Flagstaff Walkup Family Murders, which occurred in 1937. This book explores the tragic history of the once-happy Walkup family, after Marie Flagstaff and her children were found dead. If you’re particularly interested in the grisly side of the history of Flagstaff, you can’t go past this book.

Haunted Phoenix

(Debe Branning)

Haunted Phoenix offers a harrowing insight into the ghosts of what is now a modern metropolis in the heart of Arizona. The chapters are filled with spooky tales of haunted mansions, the legend of the mysterious Hohkam tribe, the spooky legends of the Pioneer Living Museum and much more.

Haunted Prescott

(Parker Anderson, Darlene Watson)

Originally the first capital of Arizona, Prescott holds its fair share of mystical, creepy tales within its old streets. The rich history of this city is full of the supernatural, including haunted restaurants, hotels, and theatres. What’s more, you’ll delve in the history of Prescott’s ghoulish cemeteries…

Haunted Jerome

(Patricia Jacobson, Midge Steuber)

Once a hotbed of gambling, prostitution and violence, the ghost town town of Jerome tells many a macabre tale. This engaging novel is full of stories of those who died too soon… but their spirits remained long after.

Haunted Bisbee

(Francine Powers)

Once upon a time, Bisbee was the world’s richest mining site. Now, it is regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the entire country. Nestled in the Mule Mountains, Bisbee is terrorized by a screaming entity, home to a floating specter in the School House Inn and a haunted fire station. Written by Francine Powers, an award-winning journalist, this is one for anyone interested in haunted Arizona.

Sleeping with Ghosts

(Debe Branning)

Sleeping with Ghosts is the perfect guide for any punter looking to spend a night (or nights) in one of Arizona’s many haunted hotels and inns. This book provides all the ghoulish details of hauntings at 29 different hotels and inns, which remain open to the public. We just hope you don’t scare too easily!

Southern Arizona’s Most Haunted

(Renee Gardner)

This fascinating guide delves into the spookiest stories from Bisbee, Tombstone and Tucson. Each of these cities has its own resident ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions and with Southern Arizona’s Most Haunted, you’ll learn about 41 of the most frighteningly iconic!

Haunted Tombstone

(Cody Polston)

  The name of this iconic town alone sends a shiver down the spine. And if you fancy learning more about Tombstone’s dark past, look no further. The iconic tales of this Old West own include the Swamper, who continues to protect his hoard of silver, the Brucknow Cabin murders of the late 1800’s and the Boot Hill Graveyard hauntings.  

Haunted Highway: The Spirits of Route 66

(Ellen Robson)

Route 66 doesn’t exactly conjure up mental images of ghosts and ghouls… but after this scintillating read, you might not be able to think of anything but! This book follows Route 66 from its beginnings in Chicago, right through Arizona and its glorious end in LA. It details 66 different spooky sights and the ghosts which haunt them… including those in Jerome, Arizona. A must-read for the travelling ghost hunter.

Haunted Southwest

(Alan Brown)

Haunted Southwest explores and documents some of the ghastliest figures that appear in the Southwest USA, including Arizona. This book provides harrowing insight into haunted sites in Arizona, as well as iconic locations such as the White Sanitaruim in Wichita Falls, Yuma prison and Union Station in Ogden. 

Ghost Towns of the West

(Philip Varney, Jim Hinckley)

This entertaining guide delivers an in-depth look at some of the most infamous haunted towns in Arizona and the rest of the western states. It includes excellent photos, maps and creepy historical notes that will get your skin crawling. What’s more, this book is divided into geographic areas, meaning you can easily use it to plan a getaway with some spooky stop offs at ghost towns in Arizona and the rest of the west. 

If you’re looking for the top books on Arizona ghost stories and haunted locations, look no further than the 12 above. They’ll be sure to provide plenty of valuable information and insights, along with more than a few scares!